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            2. International law

              Law is playing an increasingly important role in international business. Blenheim has a team of internationally trained lawyers, as well as foreign lawyers, to assist its clients.

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              International law

              Lawyers practicing international law?

              Blenheim deals with international aspects quickly and effectively in order to make transactions possible for both Dutch and foreign clients. Additionally, we work on contracts with international aspects, such as distribution, agency, and international purchase transactions. We also assist foreign clients in doing business in the Netherlands, including setting up a company, obtaining permits and drawing up contracts. The Blenheim M&A team is also happy to assist you with the acquisition of a foreign company. Furthermore, our international practice consists of advising on regulatory compliance, application for permits, international debt collection, litigation against foreign parties, and arbitration. Dutch arbitration rulings can be enforced in many countries around the world.

              International cases before Dutch courts

              We litigate before the Dutch courts for foreign clients. It is also possible to litigate in English at the Netherlands Commercial Court. We also enforce judgments of foreign courts in the Netherlands.?Since most of Blenheim's lawyers have international experience and education and also speak English, we are able to serve foreign clients well.

              Why choose Blenheim?

              • You will receive an assessment of your legal position
              • We will draw up an action plan with an overview of opportunities, costs and risks
              • In urgent situations, we will act quickly for you
              • As a customer of Blenheim, you get proactive advice
              • If negotiation does not work, we will go to court

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